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Plan for emergency decentralization of local boards in Maryland

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Plan for emergency decentralization of local boards in Maryland
View larger version of imageCatonsville Library, Baltimore County Public Library
Collection: Friends of Catonsville Library
Date: 1968
Date of Digitization: 2004-03-29
Source: Catonsville Library
Original Dimensions: varies
Creator: Selective Service System
The document shows a 1968 emergency plan for decentralization of local draft boards of the Selective Service System in Maryland, including an internal communication note.


                                [LOCAL BOARD STAMP]
3/13/68                                                               IN REPLY. REFER TO:

On March 12th Major May used Baltimore Planing & Zoning Map to define exact boundries
of the four Boards into which Board 33 would be decentralized should the need arise.
In addition, he is furnishing us with official maps showing all district and precinct
boundry lines. He is also sending us a book of street indexes which can be used
in conjunction with our maps. About April 8th I will consult with Mrs. Murphy
to get all of this data in one place and explain it so that it is thoroughly understood
by all concerned.


                                                                                      V. Douglas

5/7/68 Called Major May. He is not in today
but his secretary took a note regarding the maps
& will give it to him tomorrow.