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Letter from Daniel Berrigan to Stephen Sachs of March 26, 1969

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Letter from Daniel Berrigan to Stephen Sachs of March 26, 1969
View smaller version of imageDivision of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Collection: Cornell University Library
Date: 1969-03-26
Date of Digitization: 2004
Source: Daniel and Philip Berrigan Collection at the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Original Dimensions: ?
Creator: Berrigan, Daniel, 1921-
In response to U.S. District Attorney for Maryland, Stephen Sachs' order forbidding him to travel, Daniel Berrigan writes a letter to Sachs where although finding the order untanable, he informs him that he cancels his cultural and political engagements, but refuses to cease traveling for the purpose of the ministry of the Gospel. He includes a list of his ministry engagements for the next few weeks.

                                 (Air Mail Special Delivery) 
                                                      Wed - March 26 
Mr. Stephen Sachs, 
U.S. District Attorney’s Office. 
U.S. Post Office Building 
Baltimore Maryland. 

Dear Sir,

                                                         A telephone call 
         from the office of our attorney, Mr. Harold Buchman informs me that 
I am denied permission to travel for any purposes 
to any place, until further notice. 
         This letter will inform you of my selective 
response to your order. That is to say, I am cancelling  
engagements whether poetry readings, discussions 
on the arts, on student movements, on peace developments; all areas 
which, in the sensitive eye of your office, are considered 
politically dangerous.
	 In one area I must of course refuse compliance. 
This has to do with my duties as a minister of the Gospel. 
In pursuance of these duties, I wish to inform you 
of my whereabouts in the next few weeks.
	 On Thursday Mar. 27. I shall be at the Catholic Worker 
(36 East 1st Street) N.Y., for the baptism of a newborn child of that 
	 From Tuesday P.M., April 1 to Sat. P.M. April 5 I 
shall be at St. Peter’s Rectory, Sea Bright, New Jersey, conducting 
a retreat for Jesuit priests.