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A national call: free the Catonsville Nine

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A national call: free the Catonsville Nine
View larger version of imageDivision of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Collection: Cornell University Library
Date: 1968-10
Date of Digitization: 2004
Source: Daniel and Philip Berrigan Collection at the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Original Dimensions: ?
Creator: Baltimore Defense Committee
A leaflet issued by the Baltimore Defense Committee calling for a protest action in defense of the Catonsville Nine on October 7, 1968 - the day the trial took place.


     The Baltimore Defense Committee 
is organizing HOUSING and an evening 
MEAL for all people who come to Bal-
timore to participate.
     If you arrive on Sunday (as we sug-
gest),  you will be housed.    If you can, 
we urge you to bring a sleeping bag to 
help us out.

     The Mobilization March will assemble 
in Wyman Park (adjacent to Johns Hopkins 
University) at 9:00 A.M.  October 7.

     For housing,   directions,  information, 

     Peace Action Center 
     2525 Maryland Avenue 
     Baltimore,   Md.    21218

     (301)    889-0065

     At night,   or if no answer,   call:

     Gren Whitman    235-3530
     Dean Pappas      235-0261

who are the nine?

     FR. DANIEL BERRIGAN, S,J.., 47 is a poet, theologian, editor 
and lecturer, whose published works include They Call Us 
Dead Men, No One Walks Waters, Consequences, Truth 
and. . . and Love, Love at the End. He recently returned 
from Hanoi with three U.S. pilots released into his cus-
tody by the North Vietnamese government.

     FR. PHILIP BERRIGAN, S.J., 44, a chairman and founder 
of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, is now serving a six-
year prison sentence for an earlier anti-war action. He is 
the author of No More Strangers, a World War II infantry 
veteran who received a battlefield commission while in 
Europe and a long-time activist in the civil rights move-

     DAVID DARST, 26, is a Christian Brother teaching at 
Providence High School in St. Louis, Mo. He was recent-
ly awarded a two-year scholarship to the Harvard Divinity 

     JOHN HOGAN, 33, served as a Maryknoll Brother in 
Guatamala for seven years. He was expelled from the 
country due to his expressions of sympathy with the guer-
rilla movement.

     THOMAS LEWIS, 28, is an artist and art teacher who, with 
Fr. Philip Berrigan, is serving a six-year sentence for war 
resistance. He has studied in Italy and the United States, 
been active in civil rights and was a founder of the Balti-
more Interfaith Peace Mission.

      MARJORIE MELVILLE, 38, served 14 years in Guatamala 
as a Maryknoll Sister with teaching and counselling duties. 
She was a founder of a university student group, 
CRATER, which is dedicated to labor organization and 
literacy programs. She was expelled in December, 1967, 
for involvement in the "internal politics" of Guatamala.

      THOMAS MELVILLE, 37, served 11 years in Guatamala 
as a Maryknoll Priest prior to expulsion in December. He 
was particularly involved in the establishment of co-oper-
atives and was founder of the John 23rd Land Distribu-
tion Program.

      GEORGE MISCHE, 30, an Army veteran now working as a 
peace movement organizer, served from 1961 to 1964 with 
the Alliance for Progress negotiating U.S. foreign aid pro-
grams with several Latin American governments. After 
resigning in protest over American foreign policy, he 
joined the U.S. staff of the Association for International 
Development where he remained until 1967.

      MARY MOYLAN, 32, is a registered nurse and certified 
nurse-midwife at Mercy Hospital School of Nursing and 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, both in Baltimore. She previously 
had served in Uganda and was executive director of the 
Women Volunteers Association.

     If you are coming from out of town, individually or with an organization, 
please fill out this form and return it to:   Baltimore Defense Committee
                                                   Peace Action Center 
                                                   2525 Maryland Avenue 
                                                   Baltimore, Md. 21218

ORGANIZATION ______________________________________________
ADDRESS ______________________________________________________
PHONE _____________________

We estimate that _________ people from our organization will be in Baltimore
to help free the Catonsville Nine.

We will arrive   (Sunday afternoon)   (Monday morning)     Circle one.