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Free the Catonsville 9: fighters against racism & war

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Free the Catonsville 9: fighters against racism & war
View smaller version of imageDean Pappas
Collection: Dean Pappas
Date: 1968-10
Date of Digitization: 2004-11-04
Source: Dean Pappas
Original Dimensions: 28 x 22 cm
Creator: Baltimore Defense Committee
The leaflet was distributed during antiwar demonstrations on behalf of the Catonsville Nine in Baltimore, in October 1968. The action was organized by Baltimore Defense Committee.

All activities will emphasize that:

(1)     the Catonsville Nine have our complete support for their action in the hope that 
        such actions will become commonplace and that the draft system will be destroyed. 
        The "Milwaukee Fourteen" linked their action to the blood-pouring last year and 
        the Catonsville action;    .
(2)    people have the right and the duty,  if necessary,  to dissent,  to demonstrate, to 
        resist and to revolt;
(3)    "Agnew country" is not as placid as Mr. Agnew would like to believe.    The Guv's 
        recent campaign statements concerning "subversives, " academic freedom,  and 
        dissent,  as well as his vendetta against H. Rap Brown and his abysmal attitudes 
        toward the black community in general,  will be challenged;
(4)    local draft board members in Baltimore, hitherto virtually anonymous, must be 
        regarded as public  officials, subject to exposure and censure for their collusion 
        Selective Slavery.

Week prior to trial -- Speaking engagements and rallies are being set up on college
                           campuses and other places.    Some of the defendants will speak 
                           at these rallies. Call the Peace Action Center for who, where, 

Sun., Oct. 6   --	11 A.M.   Leafleting at local churches
		       ** 4 P.M.    Picket line at Basilica of the Assumption, across 
                                       from Enoch Pratt
		           8 P.M.    Rally at St. Ignatius Hall (Calvert & Monument Sts) 
                                       Defendants to speak.

Mon., Oct. 7  --   ** 9 A.M.    Assembly for mobilization march at Charles & 29th, 
                                       at monument in Wyman Park
                           Noon     Rally at War Memorial Plaza
                           1 P.M.    Picket Line at Main Post Office
                           4 P.M.    Mass distribution of printed material in downtown 
                                       area during rush traffic
                           8 P.M.    General meeting at St. Ignatius. Trial witness to 
                                       speak.  Some of the witnesses will be: Dave Dellinger, 
                                       Bishop James Pike, William Sloane Coffin, Howard 
                                       Zinn, Rennie Davis, and possibly Dick Gregory

Tues., Oct. 8  --    ** Noon     March from St. Ignatius to the Customs House via 
                                       Main Post Office.  A coffin will be presented to 
                                       Selective Slavery personnel 
                           2 P.M.    Action to be announced
                           6 P.M.    Dinner to honor war resisters at St. Ignatius
                           8 P.M.    Resistance rap and rally at St.  Ignatius

Wed., Oct. 9  --       8 P.M.    Program on U.S.  imperialism at St. Ignatius 
                           Nothing else scheduled yet for this date

Thurs., Oct. 10 --      Nothing planned as yet

Fri., Oct. 11   --	  Direct action against specific draft board member

Sat., Oct. 12   --	 Direct action against specific draft board member

     For further information,  call the Peace Action Center   --    889-0065