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Baltimore Defense Committee, Press release, Oct. 1, 1968

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Baltimore Defense Committee, Press release, Oct. 1, 1968
View larger version of imageDean Pappas
Collection: Dean Pappas
Date: 1968-10-01
Date of Digitization: 2004-11-04
Source: Dean Pappas
Original Dimensions: 36 x 22 cm
Creator: Baltimore Defense Committee
The press release by Baltimore Defense Committee is protesting the obstacles created by Baltimore city officials against their October 7, 1968 demonstration during the trial of the Catonsville Nine.

    4)  City officials ought to be supporting this march. They should know by now that 
until the Vietnam war ends and until the United States military budget is substantially 
reduced, the Baltimore city government will not be able to do anything significant to 
attack the problems in housing, education, health and employment.
    5)  We note with anger that Mayor D'Alesandro has approved the flying of a flag in 
front of City Hall which has been flown on ten bombing missions over North Vietnam. 
We can only construe this as the Mayor's approval of United States aggression against 
North Vietnam and actions which can only prolong the war. We think the Mayor should 
re-examine his position on this matter.
    6)  Our relations with administration and police officials have been friendly and 
reasonably productive so far. We are not seeking a confrontation. We trust the city 
administration will reconsider its decision on the parade route which we have requested 
in the spirit in which the request was made.