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Thomas Lewis, artist, teacher, and peace activist, was born in Maryland and was 28 at the time of the Catonsville Nine action.

Lewis was active in the civil rights movement and was a founding member of the Baltimore Interfaith Peace Mission. He was one of the "Baltimore Four," who poured blood on draft files at the Baltimore Customs House in 1967. Lewis did much of the up-front preparation for the Catonsville action, scouting the location of A-1 draft files and routes in and out of the building on the pretense of wanting to rent the Knights of Columbus basement for his wedding reception.

After serving prison time for the Catonsville incident, Lewis continued to be active in the peace movement and to retain close ties to the Catholic Worker Movement. As a member of the Prince of Peace Plowshares, he has been arrested many times over the years. Lewis continues to work as an artist and currently lives in Worcester, MA, with his wife and daughter.

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