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Baltimore Defense Committee, Press release, Oct. 1, 1968

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Baltimore Defense Committee, Press release, Oct. 1, 1968
View smaller version of imageDean Pappas
Collection: Dean Pappas
Date: 1968-10-01
Date of Digitization: 2004-11-04
Source: Dean Pappas
Original Dimensions: 36 x 22 cm
Creator: Baltimore Defense Committee
The press release by Baltimore Defense Committee is protesting the obstacles created by Baltimore city officials against their October 7, 1968 demonstration during the trial of the Catonsville Nine.

Baltimore Defense Committee 
Peace Action Center 
2525 Maryland Avenue 
Baltimore, Md. 21218 
Tel:   889-0065
                                                          For release:
                                                          5:30 P.M., Tues., Oct. 1, 1968

    On Wednesday, Sept. 25,  the Baltimore Defense Committee applied for a permit 
to march, on Mon., Oct.   7, down Charles St. from Wyman Park to the War Memorial 
Plaza.  On Mon., Sept. 30, we were informed -- via the Evening Sun -- that we had 
been granted a permit for Howard St. As yet, we have had no official notification 
from City Hall concerning the permit.
    We are distressed about the casual way the city administration has handled this 
matter so far.
    We have therefore asked to meet with Mayor D'Alesandro to confer further, 
for these reasons:
    1)  Howard St. is considerably out of the way when walking from Wyman Park to the 
War Memorial Plaza. In addition,  in a cordial meeting yesterday with top officials, 
the police did not appear in the least dismayed by the fact that we were asking to use 
Charles St. for our march.
    2)  The trial of the Catonsville Nine is of international significance. The burning of 
draft records was an attack on an institution that is a pivotal evil which we believe is 
perpetuating the Vietnam war, the war economy, racism and poverty.
    3)  Many well-known individuals and organizations will be marching with us on 
Monday. These include Arthur Waskow, director of the Institute of Policy Studies in 
Washington,  D.C., David Dellinger, editor of Liberation magazine and chairman of the 
National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam,  Dorothy Day, of the 
Catholic Worker movement, Noam Chomsky, professor at M.I.T. and a prominent 
anti-war, anti-draft figure, and Rennie Davis, former chairman of the Students for a 
Democratic Society.    In addition, organizations supporting and participating in the 
march include the Catholic Peace Fellowship,  New York City Resistance, Brooklyn (NY) 
Resistance, War Resisters League,  Workshop In Nonviolence,   Resist/Support In Action, 
Greenwich Village (NY) Peace Center,  Fifth Avenue Peace Parade Committee,  High 
School Student Union (NYC), Women Strike For Peace and the Episcopal Peace Fellow